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About Us


Hexaglow aims to bring cool, RGB lighting to every home. Whether its shining RGB when your gaming, enhancing your hip look to your hip room or just looking cool on your living room wall, it will be an eye-catcher. 


RGB is being implemented into countless smart-home products as we speak. They are everywhere from in your smart-lamp to your gaming accessories.  We are entering the market because we saw a huge gap in the value category of decor lightning. Customisable, RGB lighting is already integrated into many value products already. The main contributors from this category being the vast amount of RGB accessories in the computer gaming market. But taking the RGB and sticking it to your wall, making it its own display-piece, isn't really possible unless you are willing to spend a few hundred dollars. That is what we are here to change.


Hexaglow is a hexagonal, LED-light panel that will bring your room to life and give it your own personality. Wake up to a bright morning and end the day with a meditational relaxing vibe. The panels can be altered to their full potential. Whether you want it match your current feeling or mood, visualize your music and movies or just glow with rainbowy goodness, Hexaglow has the right lights for the right job. Make it do everything you desire while spending less money than you would with other, similar products.


As long as each panel has only one or two other panels connected to it, you can create whatever configuration you want. Make a rainbow wave glide over your panels in unison, create a dramatic atmosphere by making them puls in red or give your room with a relaxing vibe with a pleasant green glow. By simply plugging it into your computer or even connecting it via WiFi or Bluetooth to your phone, all control will be in the palm of your hand.


But if you're feeling rouge, you can also make the code for the panels yourself. This makes it such that the limits to lighting your product is literally your own imagination. We do not recommend this to inexperienced coders and we do not offer refunds of products which were controlled by home-made software.

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